i am migi.
too long sparks is the title of my solitary musical venture.
my band mates are little blinking boxes of plastic, metal and wire.
i write dark pop songs, animating them with found sounds, looping guitars, ukuleles, synth and voice.
portland, oregon is my home.


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upcoming live performances


Analog Mistress, too long sparks & guests (TBA)

The Firkin, 1937 SE 11th Ave, Portland, Oregon


Techno funkiness from Analog Mistress at The Firkin. too long sparks plays 2nd at 8pm. Special guests to be announced. Free show!

free Age limit: 21+



too long sparks and Amos val at Valentine's

Valentine's, 232 SW Ankeny, Portland, Oregon


Brilliant heavy/ambient rock from Amos val with special guests to be announced. too long spark performs first at around 8pm



Middlewav, too long sparks at Deadbeat Records

Deadbeat Records, 226 Division St NW, Olympia, WA


Beautiful, indie folk rockers Middlewav join too long sparks for a performance at Olympia's Deadbeat records. Show starts at 4pm

Age limit: All ages


too long blog


Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Hope you're fat and hungover and ready for more holiday abuse.
I'm currently booking shows for the winter from Seaside, Oregon to Port Townsend, Washington with as many stops in between as I can manage.
Check back for updates and join my mailing list! xxoo

my studio is a functional disaster 

I've been focusing lately on ukulele based songs partly because I love the compactness of the instrument and also because it has a much different character than the guitar. Who am I kidding? I love gigging with it because I'm lazy and it's small.  I'm developing songs right now that I can perform live using only the ukulele, a loop pedal and a few effects pedals. I'm getting some pretty good layers with this relatively minimal setup, using a newly added octave pedal to create some new textures. I'll have the results of my labor up on the site soon.