i am migi artugue
too long sparks is the title of my solitary musical venture.
my band mates are little blinking boxes of plastic and metal.
i sing and play ukulele, guitar, synthesizer, sampler and beatbox.
my home city is portland, oregon usa.

the battle of the hummingbeasts is upon us.

i wrote the music for it.


too long journal

my studio is a functional disaster 

I've been focusing lately on ukulele based songs partly because I love the compactness of the instrument and also because it has a much different character than the guitar. Who am I kidding? I love gigging with it because I'm lazy and it's small.  I'm developing songs right now that I can perform live using only the ukulele, a loop pedal and a few effects pedals. I'm getting some pretty good layers with this relatively minimal setup, using a newly added octave pedal to create some new textures. I'll have the results of my labor up on the site soon.


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upcoming live performances

There are no upcoming events right now.